One of the conditions of participation in the meet is that all participants are familiar with, accept and comply with the rules and regulations of the "Örli Försztivál" (from here on referred to as the Event).
The Rules cannot be modified during the Event, so any questions or requests can be addressed to the organisers during the period preceding the Event.
If a participant has any problems with any of the Event organisers or their actions, they should get in contact with the main organiser.

The Organisers are responsible for enforcing the Rules and Regulations at the event and will be indicated by a red neckband.

These policies was originally written in Hungarian. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Hungarian versions, the Hungarian version shall prevail.


  1. Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
  2. Any behaviour or activity that may cause significant disruption to the operation of the Event or undue inconvenience to others, or adversely affect the Event's relationship with its guests, venue or the public is prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate exclusion. This rule supersedes all other rules listed below.
  3. Harassment, physical or verbal abuse, intimidation, stalking or unwanted physical attention is prohibited.
  4. Any damage caused is the responsibility of the person who caused it. In the event of an accident, the organisers must be informed immediately.
  5. The instructions of the organisers and staff must be followed. Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the Event.
  6. Any breach of these rules, which also affects the legislation in force in the country, will have legal consequences and will be referred by the organisers to the appropriate authorities.


  1. The wearing of products made from animal materials, or any clothing or accessories that fall under age-restriction are not permitted in the public areas of the venue.
  2. Fursuits, other costumes and accessories are subject to the following rules:
    1. They are permitted in the Event venue and its public areas, provided that they do not harm or endanger the Event and its participants, the venue itself or the public outside.
    2. They may not be worn in the Event venue and its public areas if they have anatomically accurate parts similar to their real counterparts or inappropriately reveal the anatomy of the wearer. The wearing of accessories that have their primary function defined as sexuality are also prohibited.
  3. In case of doubt, a decision of the organisers is required, which cannot be modified or revoked for the duration of the event.


  1. In the case of a private gathering, all provisions of the Rules shall apply.
  2. Noise complaints received from the Resting Areas will be dealt with by the organisers and if deemed necessary the activity will be terminated.
  3. Avoid overcrowding the rooms and the improper use of furnishings.
  4. After the end of the meeting, the participants or the organiser of the private gathering are responsible for cleaning up the area.


  1. Damage to furnishings in the common areas and the rooms of the venue will result in liability for compensation for any damages being done.
  2. It’s forbidden to enter any areas reserved for the organisers.
  3. Participants with a single day ticket must leave the venue by 11:00 PM on the day of the event.
  4. All participants are responsible for the storage of their belongings. Neither the organisers nor the venue provider can be held responsible for any valuables or clothing being lost.
  5. Fursuit wearing is not allowed in the swimming pool or in the dining room during breakfast.


  1. All participants must be 18 years of age before the first day of the event. This rule may be overridden by the joint agreement of at least three organisers in justified cases.
  2. Access to the Event area is only possible after an accepted registration.
  3. Your badge is used for identification during the Event. It is personalised and valid for its owner only, it cannot be shared with anyone else and must be worn in the public areas of the venue. The organisers may request to see it at any time.
  4. Before you receive your badge, the authenticity of the information that you have provided during registration will be verified according to your photo ID presented. If you have provided any false information, then the organisers may refuse your entry.
  5. The amount paid is non-refundable. Valid registrations may be transferred before the Event.
  6. Any subsequent modification of the information on your badge is prohibited.


  1. During the Event, the restrictions provided by the government at the time shall apply.
  2. Participation is not allowed in case of infectious diseases.
  3. In case of a starting illness or sickness, the organisers must be informed, and the wearing of a medical mask is recommended.
  4. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any events or requirements outside of their scope.


  1. Smoking, whether if it's a cigarette or a pipe and the usage of smoking imitations are only allowed in their designated areas.
  2. There is no restriction on alcohol consumption but getting absolutely wasted and acting in a way that it results in any unpleasant behaviour is the basis for a final warning. Drinking to a level requiring medical attention will result in an exclusion from the Event.
  3. Consumption, possession, or distribution of illegal or "legal" mind-altering substances will result in an immediate exclusion and an official action by the authorities.


  1. Bringing weapons into the Event area is strictly prohibited. Weapons are considered to be any object which by its nature is capable of injuring persons or animals or causing any material damage.
  2. All replicas and items that appear to be weapons must be approved by the organisers at the time of checking in. The organisers reserve the right to confiscate any instrument or tool that is not used for its intended purposes or if it can injure other people or can be used to cause damage to the venue's equipment and only return it once its owner is leaving the Event.
  3. The usage of a water pistols or any soft projectile shooting toys are not permitted in any of the enclosed areas.
  4. Fake fights, martial arts demonstrations or fire juggling are prohibited. The organisers can be contacted to give you information on the authorization of these.
  5. The use of open flame or glowing, smouldering devices and decorations is always subject to the organiser's permission.


  1. Örli Försztivál reserves the right to all photographs and video footage of the Event. This does not apply to material taken at any private meetings..
  2. Participants have the right to use all photographs and video footage for private and/or non-commercial purposes.
  3. In case of commercial use, the organisers must be consulted first.
  4. All images and video footage taken at the Event and also shared with the organisers may be used to further promote the Event without consent or compensation to any of the participants.
  5. No photography or video recording is allowed in the Fursuit Lounge.


  1. These Rules are in force from the beginning of the registration and until the end of this year's (2023) Örli Försztivál and may only be modified by the mutual consent of parties.
  2. The content of the rules and the official channels of Örli Försztivál is the intellectual property of the Event organisers and cannot be used for any other purposes.
  3. In the event of an offence against any of the rules listed, the offender may be subject to the following sanctions:
    1. A verbal warning during the Event, followed by immediate exclusion.
    2. During the period prior to the Event, an immediate restriction and then a ban from the online community.