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2023. June 14-18. Hot summer breeze. Vibrant lights at night. Drinks to cool you off. Music, dance, rhythm, water, and fire.
Welcome to Vibe City, a bustling city where the atmosphere, fuss, lights, and symbols of the 80s and the 90s are making a comeback. It all takes place in the form of a summer music festival that will banish the silence from the shores of Lake Velence for 5 days and turn the night into day. Take part in the nostalgia, the endless fun, and the adventure!

The "Örli Försztivál" is Hungary's summer, multi-day, furry subcultural meet, which takes place every year in June. In 2023, this event will come to life for the fifth time in Gárdony, a town on the shores of Lake Velence in Fejér County. This year, the venue, which can accommodate up to 150 people, will welcome furry participants for 5 days and provide active relaxation for all.

The theme of this year's meet is "Vibe City", inspired by a popular action-adventure game with bright colors and cheerful landscapes, evoking the atmosphere of the 80s Miami.

Does the name sound familiar? If it's new to you, give it some time by getting to know the meet and its rules. Have a look around the site!